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Call McNamara Legal Services
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Probate Attorney in Naples, FL

When you are named the personal representative of a will or administrator of an estate, you have important duties to fulfill. Contact McNamara Legal Services P.A. to get assistance with probate administration from a qualified attorney. Brian McNamara is a compassionate and knowledgeable local lawyer who helps clients navigate the probate process and negotiate disputes effectively as they arise. He can also provide representation if litigation is necessary. McNamara Legal Services P.A. is a small firm dedicated to helping individuals and families in Naples, FL make these processes easier, faster, and more convenient.

Why You May Need a Probate Lawyer

Probating an estate can be a complicated process and unexpected issues may occur along the way. That’s why it’s typically best to have an attorney to take care of many probate-related tasks for you.


  • Identifying all assets of the estate
  • Getting property within the estate appraised
  • Identifying the decedent’s outstanding bills and debts
  • Filing documents with the probate court
  • Resolving tax issues
  • Transferring assets to the appropriate beneficiaries

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