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Estate Planning In Naples, FL

Call McNamara Legal Services to Plan for Your Future

Call McNamara Legal Services
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Customized Estate Planning Services in North Naples, FL

Do you have a plan for passing on your assets to your heirs when you die? If you die without a valid estate plan in place, Florida Statute dictates how your assets are distributed and it may cause disputes amongst your loved ones. If you want to have control over the passing of your property and spare your loved ones from unnecessary stress, you should work with an estate planning attorney. An estate lawyer can help you create a customized will that states your wishes in a legally enforceable document. They can also help you set up a trust, which is a fiduciary agreement that allows you to pass down your assets without putting them through probate court. McNamara Legal Services P.A. assists clients in the Naples, FL area with personalized, cost-effective estate planning services.

What Does an Estate Lawyer Do?

While it’s possible to write your own will, it’s recommended that you consult with an estate planning lawyer to ensure that everything in your will is valid and that it will achieve all the goals you want it to. Our firm can assess your unique needs and help you develop a customized estate plan that meets them. There are several different types of estate planning documents and we can help you determine which make sense for your situation.

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